Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School

School started Monday for Emma. Her going to second grade hit me harder than her attending the first grade. Something about her going from the big green landscape oriented wide lined paper to regular paper has hit me hard. Isn't that crazy? Well she has really liked her teacher and school thus far. She is one of four girls in her class with 13 boys. She isn't too crazy about that! Here are some pictures of my sunshine:

Now as far as my crafting goes. I have several started projects: 2 mini albums, 1 altered item, and 3 pages that I need to finish. I have a hard time scrapping at home because of my small scrap table and my accumulation of supplies and messiness. It is stifling me. I have signed up for a few crops so hope to get some stuff done. We shall see! Say a little prayer for me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer is winding down

I can't believe it. Emma will be back at school in 2 more weeks. I am going to miss my baby so much. I feel like I have neglected her this summer with going to Brazil and working 3 jobs this summer. She is back at cheer leading for the Comets. Today was the second week of practice. Her cartwheels are getting better and better. Vacation was lovely. We had one day of rain at the beach. Good day to dig into my Harry Potter book. Searched the outlets there and got Emma some good deals on back to school clothes. All the supplies are purchased. I have 2 pages I am almost done scrapping. I hope to post those in a day or two and a mini album that I am working on. Feels good to be cutting paper.