Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer is winding down

I can't believe it. Emma will be back at school in 2 more weeks. I am going to miss my baby so much. I feel like I have neglected her this summer with going to Brazil and working 3 jobs this summer. She is back at cheer leading for the Comets. Today was the second week of practice. Her cartwheels are getting better and better. Vacation was lovely. We had one day of rain at the beach. Good day to dig into my Harry Potter book. Searched the outlets there and got Emma some good deals on back to school clothes. All the supplies are purchased. I have 2 pages I am almost done scrapping. I hope to post those in a day or two and a mini album that I am working on. Feels good to be cutting paper.

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Lorie said...

It looks like you had an amazig summer!! It is so hard to let the little ones go back to school though! Those are some great pictures!!