Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Presents

I hope all of you had wonderful Christmas!  I wanted to share the calendar that was given this year.  Me and 2 friends made 10 of these perpetual calendars as Christmas presents this year.  Now I have to be honest here.  My friend Heather broke her wrist earlier this year so was out of work for awhile and she did a lot of the grunt work on these.  I owe her immensely for this!   But I am so glad they are perpetual so that means no more calendars have to be made for family.  Right?  Well here they are....
One of the good things of this is scraps of paper were used for the calendar dates.  
We purchased some Maya Road tins to put the extra dates, birthday photos, and months in. You can see one of them here in front of the calendar. I think they turned out great! :)

Also the Life Preservers Kit Club is having an online crop January 2-4th. Although it is my weekend to work I plan on getting my scrap on Saturday for sure! I hope you can join us for some wonderful challenges and creations!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hello my beloved friends.  I wrote a nice lengthy posts a couple of days ago and it went to the deep blue seas of cyberspace.  Who knows!  Anyhow I hope Christmas Day finds you all having had a great Christmas.  My family and I will be doing our celebration tomorrow as me and dh's schedule did not allow us to do it earlier!  Emma's Christmas was delightful Wednesday morning as my grandfather purchased her a horse.  The horse is beautiful and I love seeing my daughter so happy but I do not think that my father made a very good decision.  But what do you do?  
Here is a picture of Ruby, Emma's Tennessee Walking Horse Morgan. I think that is what it is called.  I have learning to do as well!

I decided this year that the Christmas stockings we had needed to be replaced. So i looked and looked for some that I liked and finally found some at Sears. But they needed a little altering, I added some ribbon and embellishments along with some iron on letters and I must say that they aren't bad at all!

And some final news. I applied for the Life Preservers Design Team. Since November I have been participating much more on their message board and have really enjoyed getting to know the ladies. It is weird how you can really feel a bond with others via the computer. Well I did not make the Design Team. Albeit I am upset but the ladies who made the DT are wonderful designers and are well deserving. And there is always next time right? But I did make Guest Design Team artist for January by getting second place in the sketch challenge. The winner made the design team so I was runner up! LOL Story of my life....2nd place. But I will take it. The Lord puts me where he wants me and it is his will not my own. Here is the page that I did using November kit from Life Preservers with the sketch that was provided.
Thanks for visiting.   I am doing a 25 days of Christmas but I ran out of patterned paper.  I am using November 12 Fridays patterned paper so am waiting to receive some more.  I wish I could discipline myself to write on the blog more often but I just can't sweat it right now.  It will happen when it happens.  Merry Christmas my loved ones!  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Crop

I did a couple of pages this weekend at the Life Preservers Club black friday crop.  I also won a RAK of their November stamp.  I am so excited!

This page includes pictures of my dd and dad at his house.  I used the Studio Calico November kit.  

This photo is for a food challenge.  I used KI Memories Sheers, Kaiser Craft papers, and those lovely MM sticker letters that I love so much!  
I think the most exciting thing for me is that these were from some sketches that I drew myself!  I just need to figure out how to draw my sketches on the computer so I can share them.  I haven't found my Adobe PSE disc so I convert it from PC to Mac.  There must be an easier way!  Well thanks for looking friends!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that all my dear friends had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I just completed my Studio Calico order.  Some delish stuff as always!  So now with all that tryptophan in my system I can't figure out why I am still awake.  But I am...........tomorrow I need to set up my weight loss program.  I have at least 50 lbs to lose.  I have gotten my IPod loaded up including the NEW David Cook.  Oh yeah!!  Not to mention some Trace Adkins! 
 I want to show you a layout I did for a DT application for Creatively Yours.  I was not chosen however it did allow me to use my Studio Calico kit for the first time.  The picture is from my mission trip to Brasil!  And I used Sketch # 3.  Thanks for looking.

So they may not like it but I am very please with it.  I love how the flowers and vines come over the edges.  Well I leave you with some things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1. sustenance.........Gods provision is never ending and oh so generous!  
2. husband-  He is always there for me no matter what.  And I know it isn't always easy putting up with me.
3. Emma- need I say more!!  
4. hobbies such as scrapbooking and reading
5. home- there is NO place like it!  
6. friends-  You know who you are.  You complete me!!!  I love ya!
7. Fellowship-being surrounded by Godly people who love the Lord
8. Ansel   

Ugh!! A family portrait with a dog is IMPOSSIBLE!  LOL  I gave up with the self timer and mutt very quickly!  Have a great weekend guys and if you feel the need to scrap then join us on Life Preservers for a Black Friday crop!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Faith Based Pages November Kit

My creations using the November Faith Based Pages kit are below.  The kit club will be no longer in 2009.  I am disheartened but respect Judy's decision to follow the Lords calling.

Anyone excited about Friday?   TWILIGHT movie!  

This is from my own sketch!  The verse is on a transparency provided in the kit.  There were no alphabet in the kit other than the transparency sheet so I made my own by doodling on the patterned paper!  The pictures are from Emmas Sparks Hike in 2006.
The below video is from Emma's Veterans Day program at school.  A public school!  Who says God is not in our schools?  He is alive and well!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photoshop or not?

Why do we doctor our pictures?  Are our memories as they are not precious enough?  Why are we never content with what we have?  Your children are the most precious thing in your eyes.  (they should be at least)  So why doctor their pictures?  Yes I change my pictures to black and white, sepia toned, etc.  I have even dabbed into digital scrap booking and I enjoyed it.  But I sometimes wonder what is "enough"?

Here are some pictures from Emma's field trip last week!  They visited Poplar Forest which is Thomas Jefferson's second home.  And yes they are unaltered.  LOL

This is of the back of the Poplar Forest house!

I love this one.  The girls and boys were playing tag.  This is the girls taking off to chase the boys.  LOL
This is a group picture of Mrs. Coggsdales class.  

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a Bella! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Happy Veterans Day!

I do not know firsthand the sacrifice that you have made but I am so very thankful for what you have done!  My father served two tours of duty in Vietnam.  And although he did come home safe and sound he now suffers many diseases as a result of Agent Orange exposure.  The fact a soldier would put his/her health and life in jeopardy to protect his/her country just astounds me.  I am in awe.  You are all my heroes!  Thank You!  Here is a layout with a picture of my father I made awhile back.  He is definitely "My Hero"!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I should be ashamed........

but sadly I am not!  I know I am very far behind on my blog.  But then I see how far behind I am and it becomes insurmountable almost.  We have had a lot of stuff going on around here.  Currently Emma is on crutches.  She has a severe sprain of her knee after tripping over our dog.  My dad had surgery a second time on his hand thumb joint at the VA Hospital.  My grandmother had a brief visit to the Emergency Department a little while back.  She is fine now!  And I have been working overtime at MedFlight.   We are short a nurse and have recently had interviews but a decision needs to be made on whom they choose to hire.  I also have been interviewing for Trauma Nurse Coordinator position.   I have had 7 interviews thus far!  A little incredulous I think as opposed to one panel interview.  And I still have an interview next week.  So I have been doing little on the blog posting and message board following.  I do admit I have been a little fascinated with Yoville on Facebook as of late.  Very addictive indeed!  Well here are some photos of a mini album that I completed at the last Scrappers Dream Vacation. 


Now I can't end this without mentioning that I am very envious of my friends Janet and Heather who are at a Scrappers Dream Vacation right now in Newport News.  I am very jealous!  Get those pages done girls!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

is back at MedFlight today!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

is disappointed that Kenley did not win! LeeAnn was my least favorite of the contestants!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look at what I did on vacation!!!

I arrived back home yesterday evening from vacation.  It was a nice time with family but I admit I am exhausted.  I am back to work already for a 24 hour shift but I wanted to share some things I did while I was away last week!

I only caught a total of 3 fish the entire week!  This is the best one I caught.  A 19 inch flounder off the Oregon Inlet bridge!  One of my favorite places to fish at Hatteras!

Patiently waiting for the fish to bite!
The newest addition to the Jamerson household!  One of the two hermit crabs that Emma had to get!!!  I think she named this one Julia!  LOL
I completed 6 pages while away using my Summer Survival Homegrown Kit!  All are scraplifts from the PDF's provided with the kit program!!!  This first image is photos of the helicopter service for which I work.  
Another Homegrown lift.  Pictures are of Emma at Fun Day at her school!

One of my favorite photos of me!!!  Journaling describes my Perfect Day!
Another Homegrown lift including pictures of my Rottie Ansel when he was a pup!
This is the house that Nights in Rodanthe was taped at!!!  This was less than half a mile from where we stayed.  Thanks Christy for pointing it out to me!
Start em when they are young!  Emma with her new pink pole.  Needless to say she was done after two casts!

Then I let her reel in my line just to show her how difficult it could be with the weights and lures we use and low and behold look what was on the end.  A flounder!  :)
When we left the Bridge Friday evening after fishing this is the view of the bridge!  Pictures can't give this view justice!  
This is the house that we stayed in in Rodanthe, NC.  It is called Pappys Place and Midgett Realty was very impressive in their service.  
Thanks for looking!!  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Having a wonderful vacation

in Rodanthe, NC with my family!  Lots of surf fishing, albeit not very successfully.  As a matter of fact I have been scrapbooking today.  I completed 6 pages today using the Homegrown Summer Survival kit.  I have my next assignment for the Faith Based Pages kit but am waiting on inspiration to hit!  I had a wonderful birthday on the 5th.  Thanks for the well wishes!  I leave you with some wonderful pictures from my vacation so far!!

The Virginia Diner is always a stop on the way to Nags Head!  They have a wonderful breakfast that really hits the spot!
The beautiful sunset as seen from our condo!  

The Fishin Hole is where a lot of our time and $ are spent buying tackle, fishing poles, and bait!
And my beautiful baby sporting her Hannah Montana sunglasses that Daddy Jr bought her!  
I am not sure exactly what this is called but I assume it is to redistribute the sand under the bridge on Hatteras Island!  
Thanks for looking at my pictures.  Will share some scrappy stuff later on this week!

Monday, September 29, 2008

6 Quirky Things About Me


I was tagged quite awhile back by Heather and am just getting around to doing it here.  Sorry Heather.  

Here are some rules that Heather posted on her blog that go with this:

Link back to the person who tagged you
List the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of your own

Pretty simple,eh? Until you get to the 6 unspectacular quirks of your own. That's tough!

So I need to list 6 Quirky Things About Me....

1.  I have to have butter on my spaghetti!

2.  I have this morbid fascination about picking my toes!  The cuticles and dry skin!  Weird I know!!  But the rules are quirky!

3.  When I am driving and I have to stop or turn I have to turn the radio all the way down to "think" about it!  

4.  I sleep with 2 noise makers at home.  My circadian rhythm is off due to my job so this helps somewhat.

5.  I wanted to be a Marine Biologist my middle school and early high school years and work with Humpback Whales in their natural environment.  Didn't pursue this because I was too much of a family girl to be that far from home for studies or work!  

6. I can not study in a messy space.  Everything has to be clean and in its place before I can think!  

Okay so there you have it...that was harder than I expected.  So I randomly picked 6 people from my google reader and here they are...

1.  Jules at her blog!

2. Jenny at Loving this Crazy Life
3.  Mikey at Mo Mikey P!
4.  Shannon at Front Porch News!
5.  Michelle at My {Scrap} Therapy!
6. Christy at Color Me Healthy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maryland State Police Crash

Please pray for the crews, their families, the patient who has survived the crash, and the Maryland State Police aviation unit.  This hits way too close to home!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See You at The Pole

I hope if you have a child in the school system that you are participating in the See You at the Pole.  Typically you meet 30 minutes before your first bell rings at the flagpole and pray over your school, the country, the soldiers, etc.  Let us go praise the Lord and thank him for the wonderful teachers who we entrust our children's education too!  And for those that homeschool.......I give you props!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homegrown Summer Survival Creations

The following pages are scraplift's from the PDF's that are provided with your Homegrown Survival purchase.  I wanted to clarify they are not my own ideas.  I purchased this program to to help me quickly get  pages done!  I have been purging through my scrap supplies today.  I hope to take some stuff up to the LSS store this week for a garage sale that is being held there soon.  It feels good to cull some of this paper from who knows when.  Back when I had to have 3 of every pattern.  Shew!  So glad I am past that!  So enough of that.  Here are my pages:

Thanks for looking!