Sunday, February 24, 2008

Celebrating my fathers birthday!

My dad turned 60 on Valentines Day and we had a surprise party for him today! We had a great meal and awesome fellowship with our family. I got him a Carolyn Feagans book. She writes books that are situated locally and my dad really enjoys them. I also got him a Tom Tom One GPS unit. I haven't bought him a nice present in a long time! He deserves it. He goes out of his way to do things for me and my family!
Yesterday we had Sparks A Rama in Roanoke. I had Emma pose with Cub E. Bear and Sparky! I think I embarassed her but she won't admit it. LOL I am not liking her being embarassed by me! Her team came in last but they had fun and that is all that matters! We went to Chuck E Cheese afterwards which is always a hair raising experience.
I love this photo below of the team praying! There is nothing quite like seeing a child seek the face of their father. Praying to him! Touches me more than words can express.
Lastly I leave you with the November page of my monthly calendar. The photo is of my MIL and her mother. Both beautiful people! The quote says Gratitude is the sign of noble souls!

I hope to post my creations from ScrapBowl in my next few posts. I have to get back in the gym tomorrow. Ugh! But I am excited too if that makes any sense! My friend Angie has been back at it and I am so proud of her. She is doing Ali and I hope it is successful for her! Well I am off of cyberland to cuddle with my dh!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to the real world

Well I am back from the ScrapBowl and I had a wonderful time. I did not take any classes but did get 9 pages done and a project just about completed. I did several sketches Friday night so I have some sketches now to work on. I will share some pages in a few days. We have decided to put an underground fence on our property for Ansel! It is tedious getting up and taking that mutt out every little bit. That costs a pretty penny! WOWzers! I got to meet Judy the owner of Faith Based Pages and she is an angel! Here are some more pages from my calendar for now!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My first Faith Based Pages Submissions

I thought I would share my creations with the February kit of I did 2 cards and 2 layouts. I hope you enjoyed seeing them! I also got my hair cut much shorter this evening. I will update you with a photo soon! Getting ready to go to Scrapbowl! Got lots to do to be ready to go! Catch you later!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I have crossed the great divide!!

Ok maybe not so much but I have done my first digital scrapbook page and I am so excited. I had lots of preconceived notions that I would not like it. That I would be afraid not to handle my paper! But it wasn't extremely difficult. I printed a tutorial off at and looked through some of the free digi kits I have been collecting in the past year or two and just flew with it. Don't ask what made me do it! I have no idea. Will I convert completely to digi?? No but I think you will see me doing this in addition to paper. I loved it! Tell me what you think! I am so excited. But now I must go to bed. Thanks for looking!

The germs continue

DD has been sick all week. They have sent so much work home for her to do it is crazy. At first I tried to make her keep up but I think that is why it is taking her so long to get better. So we will try some to work on it but her getting better is much more important. Now dh has a scratchy throat with "white spots". Nice.................. So I called his doctor and had a prescription called in. Sounds like I will be Lysol spraying alot this weekend. LOL
I hope to get my hair done tomorrow. I have at least an inch of gray. I am going short! I will shoot a picture! Then I need to make page kits for ScrapBowl. We leave next weekend. I am so psyched. Well here are some more calendar pages for now! Have a splendid weekend.

The pictures in this one are of the fire station my dh works in. He is a paramedic/firefighter so has to ride both apparatus. That is my dh also on the layout. Isn't he hot? LOL And my beautiful dd eating a apple.
Everyone says it looks like my dd is jumping off the hood of the car. LOL My dd is jumping off a diving board. Then the next picture is of our family at the beach. I am pleased with these pages.