Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look at what I did on vacation!!!

I arrived back home yesterday evening from vacation.  It was a nice time with family but I admit I am exhausted.  I am back to work already for a 24 hour shift but I wanted to share some things I did while I was away last week!

I only caught a total of 3 fish the entire week!  This is the best one I caught.  A 19 inch flounder off the Oregon Inlet bridge!  One of my favorite places to fish at Hatteras!

Patiently waiting for the fish to bite!
The newest addition to the Jamerson household!  One of the two hermit crabs that Emma had to get!!!  I think she named this one Julia!  LOL
I completed 6 pages while away using my Summer Survival Homegrown Kit!  All are scraplifts from the PDF's provided with the kit program!!!  This first image is photos of the helicopter service for which I work.  
Another Homegrown lift.  Pictures are of Emma at Fun Day at her school!

One of my favorite photos of me!!!  Journaling describes my Perfect Day!
Another Homegrown lift including pictures of my Rottie Ansel when he was a pup!
This is the house that Nights in Rodanthe was taped at!!!  This was less than half a mile from where we stayed.  Thanks Christy for pointing it out to me!
Start em when they are young!  Emma with her new pink pole.  Needless to say she was done after two casts!

Then I let her reel in my line just to show her how difficult it could be with the weights and lures we use and low and behold look what was on the end.  A flounder!  :)
When we left the Bridge Friday evening after fishing this is the view of the bridge!  Pictures can't give this view justice!  
This is the house that we stayed in in Rodanthe, NC.  It is called Pappys Place and Midgett Realty was very impressive in their service.  
Thanks for looking!!  


Sasha said...

HOLY FISH CATCHING that was bad azz loved it .. and love the pics too .. I so need to hang out with you

Happy Monday

Amanda Panda said...

Thanks for the praise Lisa, we always try to accommodate our guests. It appears that you used your time well while on our beautiful Island, we hope to see you again, soon.

Anthony @ Midgett Realty

Anonymous said...

awesome pics and your layouts are beautiful!