Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photoshop or not?

Why do we doctor our pictures?  Are our memories as they are not precious enough?  Why are we never content with what we have?  Your children are the most precious thing in your eyes.  (they should be at least)  So why doctor their pictures?  Yes I change my pictures to black and white, sepia toned, etc.  I have even dabbed into digital scrap booking and I enjoyed it.  But I sometimes wonder what is "enough"?

Here are some pictures from Emma's field trip last week!  They visited Poplar Forest which is Thomas Jefferson's second home.  And yes they are unaltered.  LOL

This is of the back of the Poplar Forest house!

I love this one.  The girls and boys were playing tag.  This is the girls taking off to chase the boys.  LOL
This is a group picture of Mrs. Coggsdales class.  

Thanks for looking!

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Sandra said...

Good food for thought!! Your 'unaltered' pictures are perfect the way they are. You have quite an eye!!