Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hello my beloved friends.  I wrote a nice lengthy posts a couple of days ago and it went to the deep blue seas of cyberspace.  Who knows!  Anyhow I hope Christmas Day finds you all having had a great Christmas.  My family and I will be doing our celebration tomorrow as me and dh's schedule did not allow us to do it earlier!  Emma's Christmas was delightful Wednesday morning as my grandfather purchased her a horse.  The horse is beautiful and I love seeing my daughter so happy but I do not think that my father made a very good decision.  But what do you do?  
Here is a picture of Ruby, Emma's Tennessee Walking Horse Morgan. I think that is what it is called.  I have learning to do as well!

I decided this year that the Christmas stockings we had needed to be replaced. So i looked and looked for some that I liked and finally found some at Sears. But they needed a little altering, I added some ribbon and embellishments along with some iron on letters and I must say that they aren't bad at all!

And some final news. I applied for the Life Preservers Design Team. Since November I have been participating much more on their message board and have really enjoyed getting to know the ladies. It is weird how you can really feel a bond with others via the computer. Well I did not make the Design Team. Albeit I am upset but the ladies who made the DT are wonderful designers and are well deserving. And there is always next time right? But I did make Guest Design Team artist for January by getting second place in the sketch challenge. The winner made the design team so I was runner up! LOL Story of my life....2nd place. But I will take it. The Lord puts me where he wants me and it is his will not my own. Here is the page that I did using November kit from Life Preservers with the sketch that was provided.
Thanks for visiting.   I am doing a 25 days of Christmas but I ran out of patterned paper.  I am using November 12 Fridays patterned paper so am waiting to receive some more.  I wish I could discipline myself to write on the blog more often but I just can't sweat it right now.  It will happen when it happens.  Merry Christmas my loved ones!  

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Elizabeth said...

That's cool that you make Christmas when you can have it! I always think it's wonderful to do for your family and what works!

I love your layout that you posted with the kit you used for LP! I am sorry that you didn't make the team. Know though that you are right, God's plans are often not our own. But I do pray friend that you find yourself on a team soon!

Have a blessed New Year!