Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Belated NSD

I had a wonderful weekend.  Not only was it National Scrapbook Day but I got to spend the weekend with Emma with no obligations for dance, sports, or parties.  On Saturday Emma and I scrapbooked in the morning.  Poor thing has such a short attention span she didn't even finish one page.  I participated in the Life Preservers online crop.  Von is starting a new contest so I did the first challenge and the early bird sketch challenge.  Here are my creations:  
I used Basic Grey Boxer for this page.
This is not my favorite card I have ever done by far.  But I love BAM pop.  I added an October Afternoon rubber embellishment and a Daisy D rub-on.  And some Hambly on there as well.  

As soon as Emma finishes her page I will post it. She was so cute using my Page Maps book for inspiration and my Cricut. I wish she would get as passionate about it as I am. Later on that evening we went to see the new Hannah Montana movie. I have to say it was very cute. I am not a Billy Ray Cyrus fan at all but anything for my child. The child had a great story
line. Miley is so cute and it is amazing to see her bloom as a role model for our young girls.

Then Sunday we went to Seaman's Orchard to pick some strawberries. We have been talking about this for years but never get around to it. We even picked strawberries in the rain. They are so tasty. Some of the best strawberries I have ever tasted. We took some to my mother. She is home sick now so we went to visit her and Ruby. Dad is in Costa Rica. So NOT fair! LOL Anyhow mom is on a vegetarian diet. Her cholesterol has been problematic for the past couple of years. She is really sticking to this diet. The oral medications for cholesterol has such bad side effects we are hoping the diet is effective. I leave you with some pictures from the strawberry patch.

Oh one more thing. I have to tell you how awesome Maggi is. She is holding us accountable on LP to update our blogs. I am attempting a weekly update. You know how that is a challenge for me. Thanks Maggi for the reminder. LOL


Katamommy said...

LOL I'm here to check up on you! ;) j/k hee hee I love fresh strawberries, you wouldn't believe the difference they make versus store ones when you make jam! So good! I love your card, I'm such a dunce when it comes to card making I'm in awe of anyone that makes them! I bet Emma will catch the scrapping bug before too long, especially if she keeps seeing Mom creating! (That's my hope with Toot anyway! lol)

Candace H said...

Yum, we got fresh strawberries from the farm near us today (but I don't pick them, usually... dd is bugging me to, so maybe next week). Lovely layout you did over the w/e!

Joyce said...

That mini crop was so fun wasn't it???

Sandra said...

Shame on me. It's been so long since i had a visit at your blog. I enjoyed reading about your weekend! I love those kind of weekends, where there are no obligations - but lots of free time to do some fun, bonding activities with the kids. Loved your creations! (i love that card!). Your strawberry pictures turned out really cute too. :)

Christy said...

I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I hope it's the perfect day for you!!!! :)

From The Owls' Nest said...

wow....i just love those pictures at the strawberry field.....so "artsy"!! I remember seeing that layout and in the gallery and loving it!!!

Angela L. said...

Thanks for sharing your Strawberries with me! I didn't know that you got pictures, girl!!!