Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another week in the word

Isn't that the struggle we will always face?   Battling with our human flesh?  Thinking we fall under the Law?   We must receive the grace and the love that God has for us.  None of us deserve anything that HE has to give.  What a blessing to read Galatians with She Reads Truth this past week again.  Knowing Paul's history and how he has turned his life around and shares with others the true, loving God.  There is still so much for me to learn from the Word.

I am also doing the Unglued Bible Study being hosted by Melissa Taylor online.  As I read this I feel about to become Unglued by the perils of raising a tweenager.  Just in the first two chapters I have learned it is okay to have emotion but don't let it control you.  If you place positive thoughts in place of those feelings of anger that over time it will become more natural to respond without an outburst of yelling.  I have always thought that was the only time I could get my daughter was to yell.  I have always used the Three Strikes rule.  First I ask nicely, then I ask, then I ask and tell you the ramifications of not being obedient.  I would like to sit here and tell you that it only took three times.   My goal is me asking once with instant obedience but we are far from there.  I am giving this problem to God.   I am asking that he touch her heart and those of her friends.  I am asking that God give me patience and ability to listen to his still, small voice when I think all hope is lost.  I can do ALL things through Christ!

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Jen@Living a Listful{l} Life said...

You CAN do all things through Christ. I admire you for giving the problem with your daughter to God. I pray that she grows and does start to listen better. I have small kiddos, so I can only imagine what it is like to have an older daughter, but I'm sure it has its challenges! Thinking of you.