Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am thankful for sure!

On one of my message boards I belong too that is a kit club ( the owner posed the question for each of us to list 10 things that we are thankful for! Well here is my list!

1. God's Grace! I can not fathom not only my eternal state but my current state of mind had it not been for God's grace! I don't have to live my life greiving decisions I have made punishing myself for my flesh! God put those sins on the cross for me!

2. Family! My beautiful daughter and encouraging husband! To see the look of reliance from my daughter. Her gentle smile! Her kind heart! To know that God put this little child in my hands. My husband loves me despite the fact I don't wait on him hand and foot 24/7. I thrive on being a subservient wife to him but there are some days I am "moody" and I don't. He loves me no matter what!

3. Earthly Home! Gods provision for my safe haven while on Earth! He has provided me with a beautiful home! There were days when I could barely make ends meet not knowing if I would get booted from my apartment. God has brought me far!

4. Bible- his love letter to me! I can seek closeness with him by reading his teachings!

5. Computer- where I can seek respite from stress. I seek time with my online friends! :)

6. Scrapbooking- A hobby the Lord has shown to me where I can imprint memories in a visible format! Where I can share my faith with others!

7. Music- albeit via my Zune, the radio, or CD's. A strong method I use to worship my God. People going down the road next to me probably think I am possessed by something other than the holy spirit!

8. My parents!- They brought me up in a christian home! They made me go to church no matter what. If I decided in my rebellious youth to stay out until early morning I better be prepared to get up for church! Our church I grew up in was my family growing up. My school bus driver was my pastor. The actual congregation was no bigger than 20 some a Sunday! We lived, breathed, and fellowshiped together not just on Sundays!

9. My current church! As mentioned previously I was raised in a small church. The church I go to now has hundreds each Sunday! It was a big adjustment for me to go to a big church and give up that "small" feeling. Well let me tell you I have been at Hyland Heights now for 3 years and it feels as at home as my church of my youth. It is not just my Sunday "act". It is a place I spend a large part of my life growing in my relationship with the Lord, fellowshiping with fellow believers, and hopefully playing an instrumental role in raising up the youth to be beleivers in Christ. My church provided me the opportunity (or shall I say the Lord) to do my first abroad mission trip.

10. Love. It kind of encompasses a lot of the above! It is the foundation of all things! God is Love!

Well my family is celebrating Thanksgiving today as my dh and I work tomorrow all day and Emma goes to her fathers. So I am going to cut this short and enjoy my things I am thankful for! God bless you all!

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