Saturday, November 3, 2007

A rough week

Sometimes I wonder "what gives?!" I know I put myself in these situations. I have a hard time saying no. But I have some issues going on at work that I need prayer for. Had a couple of rough flights last week. As a matter of fact these flights were on Halloween. I was scheduled to get off at 7pm. That way I could meet the ex to get Emma and take her trick or treating. Well she came by work and I was doing her hair and makeup when our emergency phone rang. That was a little after 4pm. I ended up getting 2 calls back to back and didn't get home until 11:30pm. I missed my babies Halloween for the first time! I felt so small! And the calls were so mentally and physically exhausting as well. Emma was an Asian Princess. I was telling some she was a Geisha however I did not know the full definition of a Geisha. I thought it was just an Asian lady. NOT! Well I did take a picture of her in her costume for a friend when it came in so I have that picture. Hopefully her father got some good pictures as we sprayed her hair black and put on the makeup. Now her face is broken out some from that. But I know she was beautiful and she is very courageous when it comes to those "scary" houses. She leaves the high schoolers on the sidewalk and walks on up to them like it isn't anything. She doesn't get that bravery from me. LOL Here is the picture of her costume. If I get one of the whole get up I will share.

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Angela L. said...

Just always remember that even though you tend to stretch yourself too thin at times..... you're still a wonderful individual; mother and friend!