Friday, February 8, 2008

The germs continue

DD has been sick all week. They have sent so much work home for her to do it is crazy. At first I tried to make her keep up but I think that is why it is taking her so long to get better. So we will try some to work on it but her getting better is much more important. Now dh has a scratchy throat with "white spots". Nice.................. So I called his doctor and had a prescription called in. Sounds like I will be Lysol spraying alot this weekend. LOL
I hope to get my hair done tomorrow. I have at least an inch of gray. I am going short! I will shoot a picture! Then I need to make page kits for ScrapBowl. We leave next weekend. I am so psyched. Well here are some more calendar pages for now! Have a splendid weekend.

The pictures in this one are of the fire station my dh works in. He is a paramedic/firefighter so has to ride both apparatus. That is my dh also on the layout. Isn't he hot? LOL And my beautiful dd eating a apple.
Everyone says it looks like my dd is jumping off the hood of the car. LOL My dd is jumping off a diving board. Then the next picture is of our family at the beach. I am pleased with these pages.

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Heather said...

Oh you are making me want to scrap today looking at ALL your beautiful layouts!!! ;) Love the one with you hubby and your daughter! And congrats on your first digi layout! I have tried a few but never seem all that satisfied when finished. You did a great job!