Friday, March 7, 2008

The child and dog are pushing my buttons!

How does everything know how to annoy you all at one time! My daughter last night has been very whiny! More so than usual! I hope she hasn't come down with something. I have disciplined her so much lately and nothing seems to work long term. And the dog..........well I have had to "shock" him twice this morning with his collar! Hard headed. My cold is still kicking. Just remedicated. Going to take dd to school then lie down. Not going to work my home health job today as I don't want to take a chance getting my patient or his family sick! I leave you with a page I did recently. My camera disappeared for over a month right before Christmas. I looked everywhere for it to no avail. My dh went down in the basement and found it lying on a pile of stuff. The last picture on it is the picture on this layout and I didn't take it so needless to say she "busted" herself. I love that she is playing with the camera some but put it back where it belongs please. At first this layout seemed very busy to me but instead of taking away I just kept adding and finally found the balance I wanted. Enjoy and thanks for looking!


Jessica said...

CRACKIN UP!!!!! OMG, so glad you got your camera back! I would be dying without mine. I don't think the LO is busy, I think it's great!

Stacey said...

i LOVE this layout!! And I love how you used part of it for your new pretty!!