Friday, April 11, 2008

What makes you happy?

Stay with me here! I may get on a tangent on this post! I have been pretty philosophical this evening. It seems like I am always striving lately in my mind to deepen my relationship with my heavenly father! Why do we always fall into this trap of trying to find earthly things to complete us? I have taken on all these jobs and purchased all these scrapbook supplies and watch all these tv shows trying to find myself. I know deep down I am looking in all the wrong places. My joy doesn't come from within! I need to read that love letter that my father wrote me! He loves me! He doesn't love me because I think I am a fairly decent scrapbooker. As much as I would like to think my job earns me rewards I know it does not. It does not matter what drug I administer, what therapy I provide because Gods plan is what will be fulfilled (Jeremeiah 29:11). And while I do not always agree with it I know it is God's will and for his greater good. Lots of my days at work I see people die. I see families tell their grandfather bye for the last time on earth! I caress peoples shoulders as they grieve their loved ones loss. I try to, somewhat, hold in the weeping my heart feels. Sometimes I feel like my feelings are calloused from experiencing this myriad of severe emotions so often. But I have to step back. Remember again that is it Gods will. While it may be sad and seem unfair I have to remember God put me in my role for a reason. He may have wanted me there to give that mother a hug after I told her that her son died. He may have wanted me there to hold that old ladies hand as she leaves her family to go to a hospital far from home! I was listening to Jonathen Falwell on the way home from work this evening. Albeit his sermon was aimed more at college kids God used him to talk to me! He said "You may question God! Ask him 'Why do you want me to do this?'. Tell him that you aren't prepared. That you don't have what it takes." But you know what. God has brought me to this calling and he has and will continue to equip me. Who am I to question him? Now another thing I have been struggling with lately is my weight. While I am not morbidly obese I have gotten "healthy" since my dd's birth. I have lost 20 lbs since the fall! But I have gotten stagnant. I need to remember to tell myself when I want those cheese fries, milkshake, and burger that my body is God's earthly vessel. I need to maintain my "equipment". So what better stimuli then that do I need to make good healthy decisions?!!
So to make my long post short (I know a little too late) I have a challenge for you! Let's pursue that relationship with our creator! Step away from that computer and television and dig in his word! See what he wants to communicate to you! Listen to him beckon and call you! Remember it isn't about you! It is about the kingdom! Let me know how you do with this! I know it is a challenge but no one ever said an abundant life would be an easy life! I leave you with a recent page. Thanks for listening and looking!
This is from a kit that I received a few months ago.  I no longer sub to them!  My attempts at cutting back.  :)  But the pictures on this layout are of my dear friend Angie and her dh!  She is a beautiful soul!  I pray for her daily!  Angie I just want you to know I love ya girl!  God loves you too!  I used some Stickles with this kit!  I like them much better than I anticipated I would.  I drew my stitches with my white SU pen.  I cut the chipboard book label in half to make the brackets for my title.  And the holes on the ends are used elsewhere on the page.  Can you find em?  :)  Also added a Hambly journaling box rub-on.  Thanks for looking!  


Angela L. said...

While I am quick to point out how much I dislike being in pictures, I have to dab at the tears in my eyes...... I'm SO blessed to have you as a friend because you are such a beautiful, caring person and you not only do so much for me but you inspire me daily! Love ya dearly, girl!!!!

Heather said...

Such a great post Lisa! I am so there with you...thanks for sharing your heart! ;) Beautiful page too and love the new picture of you! ;)

Melanie said...

Lisa, thanks for pouring your heart into this post. Amen to everything you said. Sometimes I need a little reminder, as we all do.

Hmm, totally need to work on that my body is a temple issue. I need to take better care of it.