Friday, June 6, 2008


I just had a nice long post and lost it somehow but here we go again!  :)  I am participating on Willow Traders in a challenge called Scrapvivor.  Every three days we get a new challenge and earn  points based on those challenges.  There are two tribes.  The Bling Babes and the Scrap Monkeys.  I am the latter!  Ew Ew Ah Ah!  LOL  The first challenge was to create monochromatic layouts.  I was a little intimidated by this challenge but once I got started I found that I really enjoyed it.  Although we Monkeys did not win the first challenge I have faith that we will win the second challenge.  The second challenge is making cards based on sketches provided to us.  I have been more productive with this Scrapvivor doing projects than I have in a long time if not ever!  Here are my pages from Challenge # 1:

Today is Emmas last day of school!  She only goes in 2 hours.  Not sure if that is worth the time to go but I am excited to spend some quality time with her this summer!  She is growing right before my eyes into a young lady!  Here is a picture that is a few months old!  :)  

I have also signed up to do Heather Preckels Scrapbooking Your Faith course!  It is week 1 and I need to make that layout!  Heather always makes beautiful layouts but the fact that she is so open about her faith is such an admirable trait.  You can see it is the foundation of her being!  Whereas for so many people it seems like just an accessory!  Thanks Heather for doing this course!  I can't wait to meet you at the WT retreat!


samlamb said...

I like the monochromatic's! I might have to try one. You have inspired me! Your daughter is the cuttest thing! I LOVE that red hair!

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful layouts!!!