Sunday, August 24, 2008


I do not like to discuss politics typically as it is a recipe of contention among friends. However I have this sense of foreboding with the presidential nominee Barrack Obama! And a dear friend just sent me this video which only intensifies this emotion! Please people PRAY over this election.


Hot Wheels Stuff said...
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Scrap Evangel said...

Indeed, we need to pray.

Thanks for the comment. And yes, dd is using the Basic Grey. LOL!

Susan said...

I am not an Obama supporter, but I believe it is more interesting to watch the entire speech "Obama on religion" than the commerical that picks it apart. I have a lot of concerns about him too. Mostly, his lack of experience and vagueness when he answers questions. All his answers seem so general. Thanks for the link.

Juliet Diley said...

Hey girl!!! Awesome video clip and I agree....we neeeeed to be careful of who we vote for this election...but I'm afraid....America might just get what it is asking for.....we so do need to PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Thanks for the comment! I'm not certain where I miss spelled the word though? If you are talking about the layout about my hubby, it reads 'with ever changing days, your the one thing that still remains without a doubt, my love' that the layout you are talking about? If not PLEASE point me to the one where i boobooed! I would want to know! Thanks!!!!

Scrap Evangel said...

Yes, I've been back to school for two weeks. My own kids started today. Kindergarten and 3rd.

I added you in Facebook!