Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homegrown and ENUFF

Well I did not make the DT for 4 Scrappy Sisters. I felt completely confident in the pieces I sent to them however I must not be the fit for their team. I have enjoyed the message board there so will continue to peruse it! I received my Homegrown Summer Survival Kit a couple of weeks ago. Here are some peeks:

Angie and I plan to start working on this soon! I leave next week for Summer Camp. I will be the Camp Nurse for the first time. Very excited to see how the Lord will work on those kids and I know he will work on me as well. Emma is going to see the Jonas Brothers in concert tonight. It was a last minute trip and I am so glad that her aunt is taking her. It will be an incredible experience for her.

Well the ENUFF meeting was today! And while very few people came, five including myself, it was a good start. We didn't have but about a weeks notice to agencies so hopefully the next meeting will have better representation. We received some good insight on other programs in the area. Most we already knew about. Mikey did an incredible job with his presentation. His heart is so into this program! His drive and determination make me proud! Well I leave you with some pictures from a hike that Emma and I had a couple of weeks ago atop the Liberty Mountain. Enjoy and Thanks for reading!


Juliet Diley said...

Hey Lisa! Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for the congrats! I sure hope you keep hanging with us at 4SS! You have a LOT to offer! And you are right...a great group of women who LOVE God and are an awesome encouragement!

Scrap Evangel said...

Sorry you didn't make it. But the Lord surely has something better waiting for you!

Thanks so much for the bday wish!

Stacey said...

REally cool kit!! And beautiful photos! Sorry about not making the team!! :hugs:

Sassy Sasha said...

Hey girl .. well you know what it was not my time for Fancy Pants .. so you know what we gonna keep on keepin on .. LOL .. love your work boo..and thanks for stoppin through to my blog

Amy said...

How cool to see your pics of Liberty Mt! Wow....I was born & raised in L'burg, graduated from LU myself & now my oldest DS is going to school there! What a small world!!