Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Well I made it home Sunday morning at 6 am. About half of our group became ill with flu like symptoms. I have only incurred allergies. Due to there being no air conditioner I slept with my windows open and the fan blowing. Spiritual warfare was strong there. Satan knew what our intent was and he tried to place obstacles in our path. But God reigned supreme. He had bigger plans. This 4th seems surreal after being in Brazil. The liberties we have we take for granted. Our country is such a rich country compared to so many others. Seeing those kids living in the conditions they are in with diseases, lack of running water, no electricity, and running the streets begging for money to eat their next meal makes me so grateful for what I have. I wanted to bring those kids home with me. Didn't think that would work with Customs? LOL I can't wait to see those people again. I tell ya I luv them. That was an experience I won't soon forget. Hard to think about scrappin after doing that. And you know it takes alot to make me forget about scrapping. I hope you enjoy the photos. I took almost 300 photos.

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samlamb said...

Wow Lisa, What a wonderful testimony. Can't wait to hear more.
This is Cindy Lamb from FBP. After reading your post there just had to come check out your blog. My brother is hoping to go to Brazil on the fall. After reading this I am starting to get excited for him. Thank you for sharing I know you must still be getting back to normal. Take care.