Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chickenpox in our house

We got home from church Wednesday evening and I noticed these bumps on the back of Emmas legs. I thought it was mosquito bites as they seem to know how sweet she is. However they kept popping up in front of my eyes so I inquired further. Turns out she had these bumps all over her. The next day one had blistered. I was 99% sure it was chickenpox. Her pediatrician confirmed it. So we have been home with Benadryl and Oatmeal lotion. She had the vaccine as a baby so it isn't as virulant a case but a case nonetheless. I had to miss one day of work but I have gotten some cleaning done. Please pray for her to heal and not to miss any more school. She missed her cheerleading homecoming today and soccer and has lots of school work to catch up on.

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