Monday, December 10, 2007

Me procrastinate?........never

I finally got my Christmas tree finished today! I made dh put the tree up before he went to a class out of town the first of the month however he didn't put the lights on the tree. I am horrible at putting on lights so I had to wait on that. Well he finished that yesterday. Emma and I loaded the ornaments on it today! Since dh is working today he will have to come fine tune it in the am. He is much better at it than I! Here is a pic of what dd and I did.

I had to add the photo of my star and snowman! I am not sure that is how I am going to use it! I am a "less is more" person but feel like if I have stuff I have to put it out.

Emma was in her Christmas program at church last night. I will post pictures soon! I took those on my smaller camera. She and the children's choir did such a good job. Well I am off to bed. Thanks for reading!


Angela L. said...

awwwwwww that's beautiful Lisa!

Amna Gilani said...
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