Thursday, December 6, 2007

More good news

God continues to pour his rich blessings down on me! I don't deserve them! However Scrapstreet is going to publish one of my cards in thier January issue.

Also I forgot to mention last week that I received the MM 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas book. My first layout published in it on page 148. I can't believe I am published in the same book as some great artists such as Crystal Reiger. I love her stuff!

Well I am working a 24 hour shift today! We had one call. And we were on scene for awhile as a truck went down a 100 foot enbankment and they had to use ropes to get to him and remove him. It was very cold! It was a very well coordinated call! Well I am going to rest before we get the next call. Did anyone watch Greys Anatomy tonight? I love the show but am getting tired of the infidelity on there. Just when I think it is getting better it sparks back up! I really need to tune that show out.

On a different note, I have been nauseated for several days now. Missed work one day from it!! I think it is my nerves but am not sure. I so wish I was pregnant but I don't see that happening.

Have a great week my friends! All my northern friends please blow that snowstorm down here. I really need some good snow pictures.


DonnaSalazar said...

You lead an adventurous life! I wanted to go into nursing but I faint at the sight of blood... so... it didn't work out. I did get my CNA when I was 18 but that was 20 years ago. sigh... time flies doesn't it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Angela L. said...

Oh WOW girl!!! What awesome news about having a card published. You're on a roll.. Guess we're gonna have to get busy & schedule that "autograph" session REAL soon!

Scrap Evangel said...

The Lord is showering you with abundant blessings! Congrats!

Heather said...

Congrats on your stuff being published! ;) I too went through a time for a couple of weeks where I felt so nauseated just recently and took a couple tests during that time but nothing. But I was hoping as well so I know what you are feeling like for sure! I'm glad things are looking up for you! And I hear you on the bad stuff of GA...I just rolled my eyes this week and though enough! but I still love it! ;)

Adriann said...

Hi there! Congrats on getting published and on making the DT. I look forward to working with you next year. Love your blog!!!