Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just a day at work

Well I hope this finds all well! I am working a 24 hour shift today! Spent the morning looking at the CK Hall of Fame magazine. And I am a big CK fan but I am not blown away from the pages in the magazine. There were only like 3 or 4 that stood out to me. For those to be chosen the scrapbookers of the year makes me wonder. That get so many entries I find it hard to believ that those are the best. And some of the digital stuff just doesn't look like sbing to me. I guess the good thing is everyone has their own sense of design and style. That is what makes it their scrapbook page. If we all scrapped the same we would be a boring lot. I do really like Kristina Contes work. She is getting so much flack right now. I have mixed feelings about that. Her pages are beautiful. Definitely my favorite in the HOF magazine so I will leave that at that. I just wish people would settle down. I can't wait to go to ScrapBowl where she will be teaching. Her work resembles Ali Edwards so much and you know I love me some Ali! On a different note, I am so proud of Jennifer Armentrout, one of my fellow design team members from for getting CK HOF Honorable Mention. That is quite a feat. Way to go Jennifer! You so deserve it!
I went to a crop all day yesterday. I got a lot of pages done. Shannon at the "bungalow" puts on a good crop. Big tables to scrap on, wonderful friends to scrap with, products to purchase (because you all know I am getting low on paper), and goodies to snack on. She even provided a meal and it was delicious just like last months. I purchased some of the new Scenic Route Salem line from her. I have started a 2 page layout with it from last years Halloween pictures. I need to title and embellish it. But I am thinking Scenic Route is by far my favorite paper. Not to mention chipboard, rub-ons, etc. I finished 11 cards for a swap I am doing and if I remember correctly three 2 page layouts. I will post them in the next few days. Have a blessed Sunday!

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