Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have had ENUFF!

I have met a wonderful person recently!  He has a passion for Emergency Medical Services that is to be revered.  I have been in the Emergency Medical Field for 17 years.  And it is easy to be callused to what one does.  It doesn't mean that I don't care for the patients that I take care of.  I care deeply.  But after telling so many friends and family members that their loved ones have died for senseless reasons your heart gets hard.  The deaths and injuries are so senseless.  The mentation of that "It will never happen to me."   is absurd.  So many deaths that I see could have been prevented by someone putting on that seatbelt, someone putting that cell phone down while they were driving (I could be better about that one), and avoiding alcohol while driving.  To die so young is so tragic.   And as hard as my heart may be from what I do I still mourn when I have to tell a mother that her son is dead.  That she won't see him graduate from high school.   That she will never see him marry the love of his life. That she will never hold his children.... her grandchildren.  I know God has an infinite and bigger plan!  Thank goodness for that.  But c'mon people!  Let's make a difference.  Mikey has started an organization called ENUFF!  You can check out information at
He did a lot of stuff with the program in North Carolina and he is now here in Virginia trying to get the word out about it.  It is a driver injury prevention program for starters.  There are so many facets to this organization.  His first meeting is this Tuesday at 2pm at Lynchburg General Hospital in the First Colony Conference Room # 2.  I hope that people come out to hear what this program is all about.  Let's say ENUFF to impacts that cause loss of life and let's make a positive impact on the future.   I certainly have had ENUFF!


Michael John Palmisano said...
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Michael John Palmisano said...


I got back last night and saw your e-mail to check your blog and that was the first thing I did with out finishing the e-mail first lol.... and let me just say wow... thanks so much for the post on your blog and the little sign you made :) that means so much to me and I know things are going to go well here as we come together to fight some thing so hateful that is in this area.

I cant wait to get things started and I miss you.

with love